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Unit 5 Conics: Advanced Algebra & Statistics

Conic Sections

Conic Sections

Unit 5 is all about getting to know Conic Sections.
GPS Standards: MM3G1, MM3G2 & MM3G3c

Essential Question: How can the standard equation of the circle, ellipse, hyperbola, and parabola help to draw these shapes?

Write 3 things you learned.
Give 2 examples.
Tell 1 thing you still do not understand or would like more information on.


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  1. * Symone Bell says:

    3 things I understand
    -how to identify circle ellipse parabola and hyperbola on a graph
    -the equation for circles which is x^2 +y^2=r^2
    -how to draw the circle picture
    2 Facts
    -Circles A=C (always)
    -parabola A=C-1
    A=1 C=0 (either A =0 or C=0 never both)
    1 thing I don’t understand
    -How these long equation apply to these little equation

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